Siu Nim Tao Beginner Course - Mindful Wing Chun Online

Siu Nim Tao - Part 1

This is the beginning course of Siu Nim Tao which is the pre-requisite course to all the other upcoming courses. It covers all the necessary ideas that set the foundations for this very unique method of ‘INTERNAL’ Wing Chun as taught by Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin. 

For this reason, this course is recommended for ALL who are interested in this method. Regardless of Wing Chun or other training background (from complete beginners all the way up to experienced practitioners and teachers of other Wing Chun lineage).

If you would like to learn all the Wing Chun forms, we recommend to join our Main Course. This is only SNT (SNT is included in the Main Course).

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Online Community

As a part of this course, you will also have access to our Online Facebook group (or Telegram group) which is unique for all online students in which you will have direct access to Sifu Nima King and many the other Sifus in this lineage as well as all the other online students. You can ask questions, start discussions, post training videos for feedback, or even connect with a training partner who lives near you.

The Siu Nim Tao - Part 1 Explained

The Entire Siu Nim Tao Form Sequence

and detailed videos on correct positioning and structures of every single movement.

Standing Meditation Practices

which are a unique and simple way of delving into the mind-body-connection aspect of this internal practice which leads to a deep level of mindfulness, focus and results in the calming of the nervous system.

The Important Foundational Tools

for method that makes it rather unique from other methods of Wing Chun:

  • Taigung (activation of deep core muscles and mental visualizations and analogies to help better understand it application)

  • Seng (the alignment and ‘rising up’ idea and releasing tension in and around the spine which is the ‘on switch’ of the internal aspect)

  • Correct Postural alignment (and its application in Wing Chun which leads to deep relaxation and ultimately muscular pain relief and balancing of the musculoskeletal system)

  • Mindful Relaxation and the idea of ‘Placing’ (which details the difference from the common misconceptions of what relaxation means in internal Kung Fu arts and how it is tangibly applied in this method, leading to opening of the joints)

  • The internal idea behind Wing Chun’s core principle of Centerline and triangulation and unmasking the misinterpretation of these important principles.

  • Elbow and Knee Force and correct methods of settling of the shoulder girdle for inter-connection of the body and the limbs. 


Power Generation

detailed videos on how to apply the learned ideas and tools like Elbow Force in every single part of the form, how a training partner can apply resistance to every movement of the SNT form, how to read the feedback from the experience and what feeling to look for etc. These videos are very useful even for people who do not have training partners as they allow you to understand how to guide a non-Wing Chun person such as a friend, spouse, or family member to apply resistance to your movements for feedback.

Helpful training discussion like

The right state of mind for practice (both in video and PDF formatted)


Hours of Teaching Moment Footage of Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin

teaching at his school in Hong Kong and which are all related to what you will learn in this course. These videos are subtitled and dubbed over by Sifu Nima in a podcast break-down style and so are very special and unique to our online students.

Siu Nim Tao - Beginner Course Content

  Siu Nim Tao - Part 1 Course
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Frequently Asked Questions

What results can I expect?

The results from our method of practice are very real and tangible. In the last decade of operation at our school in Hong Kong we have witnessed dozens of life transformations in our students. From postural correction, to pain relief, to finding focus and direction in life through the positive change that this mindfulness practice brings, and to gaining confidence knowing you can develop great force and defend yourself if needed. These are just a few examples of the very tangible benefits our students have gained.

Duration of this course?

This course is 21 hours long.

What's next? How to continue with my training?

After this course, you will be able to move into the Intermediate SNT, Beginner Chum Kiu, and Chi Sao Complete courses in which you can continue to deepen your practice in this beautiful art of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

How long do I have access to this course?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

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