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Biu Gee Course

Compulsory Prerequisite Courses

SNT Part 1 , SNT Part 2, Chum Kiu Part 1

Recommended Prerequisite Courses

SNT Part 3 , Chum Kiu Part 2

Biu Gee is the 3rd and final empty hand Form in the Wing Chun Kung Fu system. It is where we learn to produce maximum power within all movements. It is rare for practitioners to understand and be able to apply the ‘internal’ method of performing Biu Gee, and many merely copy the external movements without the knowledge and proper instructions of the internal working of the body and mind while performing. Furthermore, it is common knowledge that Biu Gee was not traditionally taught to many students in the past, making this course a very valuable one within the Wing Chun.

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The Biu Gee Curriculum Explained

Regarding this powerful form, Grandmaster Chu explains: “Of the three sets of Wing Chun forms Biu Gee is, indeed, the most powerful one. Every move of Biu Gee consists of the functions of both defence and attack with tremendous power of destruction. Hence, Biu Gee contains the highest level of skill in Wing Chun.

In any kind of sport, there are advantages and disadvantages. For example getting hurt is one of the disadvantages. There is also no exception for Biu Gee. In order to have the best effect of Bill Gee, one must move about at high speed. If his basic skill derived from Siu Nim Tau and Chum Kiu is not good enough, it is very easy for him to make mistakes or get hurt when he tries to use Bill Gee in fighting. This is why the junior practitioners of Wing Chun will not be taught Biu Gee.”

So please ensure you have completed the Siu Nim Tao and Chum Kiu courses prior to starting your Biu Gee practice!

Duration of Course

This course is nearly 24 hrs in duration and covers covers many things such as:


Expansion of the Shoulder Girdles

(referred to as ‘spreading the wings’)

Developing a ‘Vortex-Like’ Force

through sequenced vertebrae movements of the spine


Utilizing ‘Nim Tao’

to initiate all movements from a point (nucleus) instead of an axis as previously practiced in Chum Kiu. 


Power Generation

Detailed videos on how to apply each newly introduced idea in every single movement of the Biu Gee form, and how a training partner can apply resistance to every movement of the Chum Kiu form, how to read the feedback from the experience and what feeling to look for etc. These videos are very useful even for people who do not have training partners as they allow you to understand how to guide a non-Wing Chun person such as a friend, spouse, or family member to apply resistance to your movements for feedback.

Teaching Moments

of Sifu Nima dissecting the movements, ideas and forces of the Biu Gee form with senior level students.


Hours of Teaching Moment Footage

of Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin teaching Biu Gee at his school in Hong Kong. These videos are subtitled and dubbed over by Sifu Nima in a podcast break-down style and so are very special and unique to our online students.


Upon completing this course and applying its lessons, you will begin to experience the highest levels of cultivation and attainment within this unique internal Wing Chun system!


Happy Training!

The Biu Gee Curriculum

  Biu Gee Course
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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

This course is approximately 24 hours in duration.

How long do I have access to the course?

Full access to this course - No time limit.

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