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Wooden Dummy Course

Compulsory Prerequisite Courses:

SNT Part 1 , SNT Part 2, Chum Kiu part 1

Recommended Prerequisite Courses:

SNT Part 3 , Chum Kiu Part 2, Biu Gee

Students often express that the most fun and enjoyable Wing Chun practice are the Wooden Dummy and Chi Sao. The Wooden Dummy is a perfect tool for those who don’t spend too much time working with a partner and once one has gained enough experience and ability in performing the traditional Dummy form (set sequence of movements), they may creatively come up with many of their own drills and movements to practice. It should be noted that if practiced properly, the Dummy is such a useful tool for getting feedback on the delivery of the correct ‘internal’ power cultivated in the empty hand forms.

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The Wooden Dummy Curriculum Explained

The principal theory of the Wooden Dummy is to combine together the essential elements of the three forms of Wing Chun (i.e the idea, moves and structure from Siu Nim Tau, the turning stance and foot works from Chum Kiu, as well as the “striking out a fully concentrated force with a finger-tip” and “directing at will any external force to the centre of a vortex” from Biu Gee). Then attack the wooden dummy as if it was the opponent. Therefore, it is advised to complete at least the SNT, Chum Kiu courses prior to this Wooden Dummy course so that you have a good understanding of the structures and Wing Chun’s method of body movement prior to working on the Wooden Dummy.

This course is 30 hrs in duration and covers covers many things such as:

Detailed videos on the sequence

and precise positioning and structures of every movement of the Dummy form. The videos in this course are filmed from 3 different angles so that every movement is very clear to view and understand.

Detailed and step-by-step videos on the sequential ideas/intentions

to cultivate and apply while practicing on the Dummy. There are many intricate aspects to practicing the Dummy and its easy for students to get into a ‘bad habit’. 

As Grandmaster Chu saidIn order to achieve the best effect of the wooden dummy, one needs to be very skilful. Usually, a learner is particularly interested in practicing the wooden dummy because the sound of hitting the dummy is very loud and this gives him satisfaction. It is because of this satisfaction, he feels that he has already mastered the technique of it. Gradually, he will concentrated on producing the loud sound. He, then, forgets the correct way of the hands and feet movement in the training. Once he gets used to it, he may find it hard to have it rectified.”

Detailed videos on ‘pressure-testing’

of every movement and well as its intended combative application. These videos are very useful even for people who do not have training partners as they allow you to understand how to guide a non-Wing Chun person such as a friend, spouse, or family member to apply resistance to your movements for feedback.

Many videos of teaching moments

where Sifu Nima is teaching senior level students in a private-lesson setting. These are very useful as they give the viewer a contrast of what the student is doing wrong and how they correct it after the guidance.

Hours of Wooden Dummy teaching moment footage

of Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin teaching at his school in Hong Kong. 

Practice on the Wooden Dummy is truly a joy, and it is one of the most valuable tools of Kung Fu training when used correctly.


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Duration of this course?

This course is 30 hours in duration.

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Full access to this course - No time limit. 

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